Magnetic Planks 10″x40″


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Carpet Planks for Office, home theater, funeral home, hotel, motel, sport center, gaming, studio, play house etc.
Available in 10″x40″ planks
Material is Nylon
Many colors and designs are available.
Visit the store for more info.
Minimum order may be required
Installation is Available with pressure sensitive adhesive.
Carpet tiles are an easy and quick fix for office flooring. Its colors were conceived to fit any office space regardless of your corporate colors or furniture.
Carpet tiles are a fun floor covering that can be simply installed and replaced.
This durable, high-performance premier fiber lasts longer and comes in beautiful trendy colors that will not fade over time.
These carpet tiles often include built-in treatments that acts as a barrier that prevents soiling.
Bring you the flexibility that you need for installation purposes but also for you to get creative with your flooring design.


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